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Over the years, Laura has made several pieces of jewellery for me.  Laura has always taken the time to understand what I was looking for with great detail and produced some beautifully made pieces.  Outstanding customer service, coupled with attentive aftercare and advice, both of which I find are rarities these days.   Highly, highly recommended!


All the best!



Marcos Torre

Senior Account Manager - Private Jets UK



Over the years I have been lucky enough to have a number of items made by Laura. Each piece has been beautifully made and I have treasured each piece. I’ve always had lovely compliments about the jewellery she has created. Laura has always offered a wonderful personal service and expert advice. All her pieces are just ‘lovely’. I have recommended her to my friends and they’ve been super pleased.

Gabby Bandahi


 Laura’s passion for Jewellery is evident in her process and in her making. The commissioned ring that she made me happened after I lost my Mothers rings while swimming in the sea. The process with Laura turned a heartbreak into something beautiful. The creative process felt really personal and special from our initial discussions around her original stunning designs through to the perfectly finished ‘Memories’ ring. I love it and still keep looking down at it on my hand nearly two years later. Laura’s Jewellery making skill is in perfect harmony with her incredible sense of taste and care for her art. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a one off piece of jewellery that will feel special for a lifetime and beyond.


Clair Thomas

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